Web Design – Important Tips to Follow

To grow your website, it needs to be attractive to people. People have to look at your site and feel the need to press that OK button. To create a great web design, there are several steps that you need to follow, including:

Flashy pages are unwanted distractions- It is common for most web designers to want to create stylish splash pages which do nothing but create a barrier that discourages web users and force them to make unnecessary decisions on whether to visit your homepage or to entirely leave your website forever. These so-called “website introductions” offer the user nothing but an unwanted distraction. They are just a way that web designers showcase their flash design skill set. Today, flash animations have become so familiar which made it very hard to impress web users with them. The primary objective of a web design should be to get the user to do an action or deliver the web user with what they are looking for. Having a flashy page only distracts users and discourages them from accessing your website. You should avoid having flashy web designs on your site at all times.

Reduce banner advertisements- When it comes to strategic placing of banner advertisements, it is always advised that you reduce them as much as possible when designing your website. Having a single banner advertisement which is strategically placed is often more valuable and profitable than having a whole bunch of banner advertisement space that gets minimal click-through. When you have fewer banner advertisements, your website becomes more appealing to web users. When it is harder to secure a single banner advertisement space, more advertisers get attracted to your site. Another crucial tip when it comes to placement of banner advertisements is to surround them with as much useful content as possible.


Navigation is essential- Having a quick car is useless if no one can drive it. The same applies to websites. Website owners can have a massive investment in logo design, flash design, funky animations, splash pages, South Aussi web design, and other aesthetic goodies that make your website look amazing. However, if web users cannot easily navigate around your site, read your content, or purchase any product, then all those aesthetics are all for nothing since the website will not achieve its purpose. When designing web navigations, always make it as easy as possible. This will make your site work efficiently. Do not add things that are not necessary such as multi-tiered dropdowns and flash animations when designing navigation menus.