Thinking of Installing a Verandah – DIY or Hire a Builder

A verandah is an essential structure in any home. With all the many benefits of a verandah, many homes without a verandah are considering installing this outdoor structure. Even those homeowners with outdated verandahs are considering new installation to benefit fully from a verandah. Just to quote a few of its benefits, a verandah will add the much-needed space for outdoor activities. For example, you get space where you can welcome guests,  a place where you can work from home, a place where the kids can play and a place to store some gardening tools just to name a few of the benefits.

6Now, when it comes to verandah installations, this is where many people go wrong. Your choices when installing your verandah will determine the success your project. Although there are many things you can decide on the opportunity to do it yourself or hire a verandah builder is the ultimate decision that will determine the success or failure of your project. Many people are used to DIY projects, and a verandah is no different to them.

However, the decision to build your verandah yourself is not easy and will depend on some things. First, what is the size of the verandah you want to develop? Can you handle such a project? Next, what design are you considering? What materials are you using? Do you have the tools and the experience needed to manage such a project? If you all your answers are favourable to you, then you can go on and have the plan as a DIY project. However, ensure to follow all the rules and regulations before you start the project. For example, you need to get the building permits if at all they are needed.

Now, for the soft-hearted and those with no experience to handle such projects, the only solution is to hire a verandah builder. Some people might have the skills to build it, but they are busy at work, or the project is too big, and they cannot afford the time to complete the project.

Well, if you are in this category of homeowners, worry not as there are many verandah builders there ready to take on your project. The advantage of hiring verandah builders is that you will have quality work as they will use modern designs that match your existing home designs, and also the builders will keep you of trouble, and they are aware of the building rules available.

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