Roll Safely: Safety Tips For Roller Garage Doors

Here are a few tips to keep your roller garage doors rolling safely:

Always have your instruction manual ready. It never hurts to check the manual when fixing your roller door if in case it does not function properly. Check the manual right away rather making guesses or trial and error. It also reduces the possibility of getting hurt because you can trim down the problem right away with the help of instructions from the manual. Consult an expert if the problem does not get solved right away.

Make your doors child-friendly. Children will always be running around and playing around the house. They will not be choosing were to play especially if you are not around. To make your roller garage doors child-friendly, keep controls unreachable for children. It is advised to keep them at least 5 feet high and in areas where there are no ways to climb to push them. Do not leave them half open because you would not want the door to fall on them or have them hit the edge of the door. Do not let them play at any time around the garage.

Regular maintenance is a must. Always check roller garage doors at least once a month. If there is anything that needs some fixing, always consult a professional first. You do not want to make things worse by trying fixing your roller door by yourself. Oiling up hinges and wheels is also a must, but never should you overdo it because doing so will make them loose and may fail to lock properly. Have you doors balanced and parts checked on if any replacements are needed?

If you are just installing new doors, always have professionals do them for you. Even if instructions do come together with your roller garage doors, it does not mean you can install it on your own. Always call for help and maybe even ask them how you can maintain your doors, so they keep working properly. Make sure you have new doors come with a warranty, so that if anything happens you can still have something back on your investment. Keep a healthy relationship with your retailers and your professional fixers.

Just take note of these reminders to keep yourself and your family safe. It might cost you more for buying safety features or regular maintenance, but in the long run, such investments would get you back more for your money.