Plant List

I will not be publishing a hard copy brochure this year. Many other nurseries produce extensive and exhausting lists covering a thousand or more plants. As a plants man coming from a family run Northern nursery, I consider it important to my gardening public to provide plants that I have intimate knowledge in their breeding and cultivation, which means that my nursery, a working nursery not a garden centre, carries stocks of less than a thousand species. My speciality is herbaceous perennials, especially those that survive the cold wet winters of the North of England. “My plants are frost hardened in the North of England”. Now, please note, we have increasingly received more requests for information regarding lawn seeds. We have found a very good resource from a excellent lawn mower service in Adelaide. Please use this resource for future requests and your seed requirements.

My nursery is not open to the public, so it is meaningless to publish a list of plants my gardening public cannot purchase. Instead I will be publishing on my site a list of the plants I will have on my stand at each of the shows. These plants should be planted at this time to make a beautiful display in your garden and on your patio.

For Cardiff RHS Road Show the following are a must.

Anthemis Tinctoria Hollandaise Sauce
Arenaria Montana
Aquilegia Raspberry Ripple
Aquilegia Graeme Iddon Doubles
Campanula Elizabeth Cross
Foxglove Digitalis Ferrunginea
Creamy Lemon Foxglove
Large Apricot Foxglove
Eryngium Seven Seas
Eryngium Varifolium
Jasione Pereniss
Trifolium Rubens
Veronica Gentionoide’s
Lobelia Scarlet Fan
Lobelia Deep Rose Fan
Lobelia Cardinali’s
Isotoma Auxilaris
Achillea Cloth of Gold
Achillea Terracotta
Verbascum Southern Charm
Rudbeckia Goldsturm
Rudbeckia Speciosa Newmanii
Echinacea Magnus
Malva Moschata Alba
Liatris Spicata