Home Inspections and Infrared Thermal Imaging

If you are a homeowner, then you know that it is important to keep your property in top shape to prevent any potential hazards. A home is prone to hazards as it ages, and it is important to prevent those hazards. Your home is a place of safety and comfort; it reminds you of the family. You should never risk losing it, which is why home inspections are important.

There are different types of building inspections, but the kind that everyone is most familiar with is the home inspection during a homes construction. There are several inspections that need to be made as the construction progresses closer to completion. These home inspections are so important for your safety, especially to make sure the homes foundation is strong and durable.


Many home inspection processes require a wooden house frame to be treated for things such as termites and other burrowing wood eating insects. Home inspections that include required pesticide treatments for your home are great; especially if pests are a problem in your area.

There are also home inspection processes that check up on the wiring and electric outlets of a home, to make sure that nothing is going wrong. Many inspectors will use thermal imaging, a process that shows heat to identify any problems. Thermal imaging will allow an inspector to see any overheated areas, such as wires that are too hot, or pipes that are overheating. If any of those things were to get too hot, a fire could occur. If your home has known problems for those things; it is crucial to your safety that you get a thermal imaging home inspection.

The whole process of infrared thermal imaging and Adelaide building inspections is an important thing to have done. Both inspections can ensure that your home remains safe and intact for many years to come, without any terrible consequences.

How are you supposed to know when to contact a home inspector? Simple. Every few years it is a good idea to get a thorough Adelaide building inspections. After renovations, it becomes especially important. Paints, new walls, and different flooring need to be examined. The best part is that most home inspection services are free, and usually required on a date to date basis. Each city or state will have its guidelines and restrictions.

Closing Comments

Home inspections are very important and should be performed when required by law. If you suspect something is wrong with your electricity wiring, ask for an infrared thermal imaging inspection. Asking for help before something happens is a good way to prevent them from happening.